FX Innovation is a partner of choice for the successful implementation of your digital transformation. For 17 years, we have guided our clients in the adoption of new technologies in order to surpass their business objectives and ensure they stand out from the competition. To do so, we offer implementation of IT solutions services, Cloud infrastructure management services as well as consulting services.

We have been able to position ourselves as a leader in the IT industry, both in terms of Cloud and business applications, thanks to our innovative approach that focuses on customer experience as well as a corporate culture which attracts the best and the brightest.

Our human-centric approach and our leadership in innovation set us apart from the world’s leading IT players. We are committed to achieving excellence in the delivery of services to our clients.

Since our beginnings in a garage in Quebec in 2002, we have experienced tremendous growth in Canada, the United States and Europe and we now have more than 650 employees in our offices in Montréal, Toronto and Calgary. We are proud to provide you with a team of experts:

90% IT specialists including AWS, Azure, Google and ServiceNow certified experts



At FX Innovation, our mission is to keep our corporate culture at the centre of our priorities despite our tremendous growth! At the heart of this culture is the satisfaction of our 650 employees as well as our clients and partners. The FX Innovation culture is innovative and truly caring, based on unifying values inspired by transparency, trust and involvement.

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Working at FX Innovation means being part of large-scale projects, participating in the incredible growth of a Quebec company, being able to make a difference and bringing ideas to the table and seeing them materialize. It also means working in a positive environment with accessible leadership where there is no room for egos and politics. Above all, it’s about sharing your days with really great, super smart colleagues who are passionate about what they do!

Start your digital transformation journey now with FX Innovation!