Ready-to-use, secure and reliable workspace

on the AWS cloud



At FX Innovation, we recognize that work & personal balance as well as environmental issues increasingly require employees to opt for remote work. And, within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become absolutely essential to protect each and every one of us. Recent events underline the importance of deploying a fast and efficient Business Continuity Plan:

• Continuing your organization’s business services at a normal pace
• Deploying a Desktop as a Service, such as FX Innovations’ solution on Amazon WorkSpaces, that allows your employees to remotely and securely access your organization’s information and business applications.

Additional Information: FX Desktop as a Service


Access your desktop remotely using your AWS Cloud infrastructure

Cloud based virtual desktop environment for your devices, allowing you to work anywhere at any time

Low cost virtual desktop solution

No upfront infrastructure costs, a pay-as-you-go fee for compute, storage and applications

Secured and encrypted data

Your organization’s data is not sent or stored on end-user devices; the data remains on the AWS Cloud or in your on-premises environment

Quickly deploy remote work capability

Team of dedicated experts deploy tested and ready-to-use virtual desktops


  • 1-week deployment in your infrastructure
  • Pre-built French and English image configuration
  • Connectivity from your virtual private cloud to Amazon WorkSpaces

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