Azure Managed Services

Partner with FX to keep your Azure infrastructure available, optimized and secure

With Microsoft’s highest certification as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP), FX Innovation has everything you need to become your trusted end-to-end cloud migration partner. 

With FX Innovation as an Azure Expert MSP, this industry-coveted designation means we have demonstrated real-world proficiency in both datacenter lift-and-shift and new, born-in-cloud applications, as well as in everything in between (i.e. readiness assessment, roadmap, cloud migration, operation and optimization). 

Partner with FX Innovation

What Makes FX Different?

To remain up to date with Azure’s fast growth and to retain this prestigious certification, we must carry out audits each year. We need to prove we’re consistently maintaining our cloud expertise across the full life-cycle cloud journey to offer you complete peace of mind when it comes to your migration success.

Being an Azure Expert MSP allows FX Innovation to offer its clients exclusive access to funding programs as well as to the best Azure MSP expertise,  so that clients like you can maximize their cloud investment to their fullest potential while reducing their assessment and migration costs.

Why Choose FX as Your Azure Expert MSP

Cloud ExpertiseRely on our team of experts

  • Utilize the experience of FXs 24/7 cloud  OpsCenter
  • Benefit from FXs industry leading cloud  practices and standards
  • Access continuously trained Azure cloud  experts 


Cost EffectiveOptimize your cloud costs

  • Avoid having to spend significant resources to keep your IT team up to speed on the latest cloud capabilities 
  • Realize continuous cloud cost optimization 
  • Leverage best-in-class cloud services and tools through FX’s integrated cloud management platform 


Flexibility & ScalabilityHave the right sizing for your operation

  • Choose from FX’s 3 tiers of cloud managed services to accurately suit your needs 
  • Scale your Azure environment seamlessly with FX’s flexible cloud managed services 
  • Gain visibility into your cloud or hybrid infrastructure with consolidated views of its performance and health

Why You Need FX Azure Managed Services

At FX, we are dedicated to enabling and helping companies evolve though their cloud journey.

Lack of applicable talent: Its difficult to source the expertise and support required to manage and evolve a complex cloud infrastructure especially with upskilling programs required to keep your teams uptodate on the rapidly changing cloud landscape.
Focus on your core business: Let FX operate, optimize and govern your foundational technology so you can keep your attention on core business activities.
Cost visibility and clarity: Losing control of cloud spend due to a lack of consolidated visibility and insights on cost optimization potentials.
Security risks: Operating with poorly designed cloud architecture exposing security vulnerabilities and restricting scalability.


  • FX will document supported workloads to establish operational commitments with the business and agree on cloud management investments for each workload.
  • We begin by defining the criticality classifications, cloud management tools, and processes required to deliver your minimum commitment to operations management.
  • After an evaluation of your technology assets and their suitability for cloud migration, we can expand the management baseline and determine application migration strategies, while developing an execution roadmap.
  • Optimize cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and right sizing computing services to scale.