Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Julie Arcand, Principal Director – Cloud Service Delivery

Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Julie Arcand, Principal Director – Cloud Service Delivery

Julie Arcand has never let anyone define her by her gender.

“I don’t believe that being a woman should limit what anyone can or can’t do in their career,” says Julie, FX Innovation’s Principal Director of Cloud Service Delivery. “I try to bring this vision to the women around me: that nothing can stop us.”

Julie discovered her passion for technology at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She started out in accounting, took a course in IT and realized she was hooked. (“Sorry, finance friends,” she jokes.)

Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree focused in Management Information Systems, she went on to build a career as a senior manager with a specialty in the cloud information technology and services industry. Julie is an experienced programmer and project management professional, team leader and mentor. Today, she manages Technical Expert teams helping companies in their Cloud transformation journey.


Breaking the bias as a woman leader in technology

She is also a big believer in ‘breaking the bias,’ which is the theme of International Women’s Day this year. In particular, recognizing that women often have biases about their own capabilities, skills and opportunities, she works to promote risk-taking among her female team members – encouraging them to acknowledge and break their own biases.

Julie will be the first to tell you that effective leadership has nothing to do with gender. Instead, it comes down to who you are and what your values are. “We are all human,” Julie says, going on to explain that her leadership is rooted in empathy and an ability to help bridge the gap between what needs to be done and the realities and challenges facing her team. For her, this style of management is not related to the fact that she is a woman, because men can – and do – lead in this way, too.


Inspiring more women to pursue technology careers

Among Julie’s values is her commitment to supporting the next generation of women in tech. She regularly takes time to advise, coach and help others wherever possible. She also plays a key role in FX Innovation’s CloudCampus, a Cloud Expert training initiative which offers micro-credential upskilling, reskilling, and right-skilling opportunities to Canadian tech talent.

CloudCampus is not designed just for women; however, with the rapid growth of cloud computing and the need among Canadian businesses for experts who understand digital transformation, this program is an opportunity for women to develop high-demand skills.

“This type of program can create interest in IT among women by exposing and demystifying what IT is,” Julie says. “Traditionally there has been a stereotype of the tech worker as ‘the geek’ but the reality is very different. That’s what girls need to discover, and that will open the door to a greater diversity of people interested in tech careers.”


Exciting tech job opportunities at FX Innovation

Since joining FX Innovation in early 2020, Julie has had the opportunity to grow her career, moving from Director, IT Service Delivery, to Principal Director, Cloud Service Delivery, serving FX clients on their cloud transformation journeys.

Think you have what it takes to build your career here, too? We’re hiring, so visit our Careers page and contact us today to introduce yourself!

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