Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Salma Bakir, Cloud Specialist

Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Salma Bakir, Cloud Specialist

“Why not me?”

Salma Bakir is a self-proclaimed “nerd” who has always had a passion for technology.  Salma’s love of gaming from an early age translated into pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Technology from the High Institute of Informatics and Mathematics of Monastir (ISIMM) in her home country of Tunisia.

“I’ve always been passionate about new technologies, I want to be leading edge, and at the forefront of my field.”

Salma continued with her IT education and earned a master’s degree in Cloud Computing and DevOps from the Esprit School of Engineering and Technology in 2018.

“I always wanted to be integrated with new technologies, so studying Cloud Computing and DevOps just seemed like the natural next step for my career path.”


A Cloud Computing Family

Salma’s husband was the first to land a job in Canada and he too works in the cloud space, focused currently on AWS technologies.  While Salma started with FX Innovation as a Cloud Specialist back in September 2020, since recently returning from maternity leave, she has jumped at the opportunity to take on the role of Delivery Lead for Managed Services.

Since the beginning of her career, Salma has always wanted to explore the management side of IT, and this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“It was actually my husband who encouraged me to go after a role in management.  He appreciates when managers have a technical background and perspective when deploying IT projects.”


Challenges Faced as a Woman in Technology

As an example and beacon for ‘breaking the bias,’ the theme of International Women’s Day this year, Salma describes the unfortunate need for women to impose themselves on others to ensure their opinion is taken into consideration, highlighting that women must prove themselves before they are taken seriously.

“You must showcase your legitimacy,” Salma explains, “As a woman you will always be tested before you earn the confidence of your team and that needs to stop.  Even on CVs, it is still assumed that men will have more skills than women.”

Salma is quick to make note however, that at FX she has been treated as an equal, “I feel heard here, and that my contributions are recognized and valued throughout our team.”


Engaging and Empowering Women in Their Tech Careers

With women making up just 30 percent of the technology workforce in Canada, everyone agrees that more needs to be done to level the playing field for women in the technological space.

So, what can the industry do to attract, retain, and promote more women?

“It’s a difficult question,” remarks Salma.  “I believe role models are important.  When young women see other women in a senior position, it shows there is room to access and grow into these types of roles. Women tend to go mainly into business management and work less on the technical side. There were very few women on the teams I’ve worked with, and I’d like to see that change.”

At FX Innovation, 52% of senior management positions are held by women, a number that has materialized organically, simply a result of hiring the right person for the job.  Salma believes this type of inclusion and representation will continue to push talented women into and forward within the tech sector and ask themselves “why not me?”

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