Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Sarah Dakkak, ServiceNow Developer

Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Sarah Dakkak, ServiceNow Developer

Sarah Dakkak loves a challenge.  

With her business administration degree Sarah had been working as a market researcher when she was assigned to a project alongside a programming team. She became fascinated by their work and saw the possibilities of a career in that field for herself. So, she made a bold, life-changing decision: she resigned from her job and set out to learn to code.  

Today – less than two years later – she plays an integral role as a developer on FX Innovation’s ServiceNow team, working on highly technical client projects.  

 “I always want to push myself to learn and improve,” says Sarah. “That’s something that is very important to me. I have discovered that a career in tech gives me a chance to grow, and I love that.” 


FX Innovation’s ServiceNow program 

 Sarah joined FX Innovation via our ServiceNow coaching program. Through that program, we recruit high-potential junior developers who do not have experience with ServiceNow, and we give them access to training and mentorship. It’s a great path to a career in technology. 

 “Of the three employees who were recruited as part of the ServiceNow cohort with me, two were women,” says Sarah. “So clearly this type of program opens doors to women looking to enter technology-related professions.”  

 Sarah says she particularly enjoys how her role offers her the opportunity to learn and develop her skills every single day – and she says there are always interesting new challenges to tackle. She works together with a team in support of major client projects. “I always thought the job of a developer would be a solitary one,” she adds. “But it’s actually quite collaborative, with lots of sharing of ideas and information.” 


Engaging more women in technology roles 

 While she says she’s never felt that her gender has been a factor in her career progression, Sarah has been pleased to see an increasing number of women entering the field of programming.  

 “We are seeing more and more partnerships between companies and engineering schools to train future graduates in a more targeted way, such as FX Innovation’s CloudCampus initiative,” Sarah says. “I would strongly recommend this pathway to women who are interested in technology. And as more women enter the field, it would be interesting to see them continue to move into managerial positions in purely technical departments.” 

 Sarah adds, “Here at FX Innovation, everyone is open and inclusive, and I’ve never felt like I’m being judged by my gender. I’m given opportunities to try new things, grow and develop as a programmer and team member.” 


Interested in joining FX Innovation? 

 We have a number of open positions, including the ServiceNow program for junior developers that Sarah participated in. If you love a challenge and are looking for a fresh opportunity, visit our Careers page and contact us today. We’d love to meet you! 

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