International Women’s Day


Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Mariam Ketabi, Senior Director – Business Enablement Office

Mariam Ketabi embraces the challenge of simplification. For Mariam, complex ideas, processes, and initiatives are meant to be broken down in a way that we all can understand and execute upon.

“My team’s sole purpose is to make people’s lives easier,” Mariam says plainly. “We simply streamline technology-driven initiatives to increase productivity and eliminate time consuming and repetitive administration tasks.”


Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Maude Boivin, Vice President – Consulting Services

When Maude Boivin started her career recruiting for a global tech leader more than 30 year ago, the only departments ran by women were secretarial or accounting. Now as the VP of Consulting Services at FX Innovation, Maude manages and supports a team of recruiters, directors and coordinators responsible for finding and placing specialized consultants in the tech space.


Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Salma Bakir, Cloud Specialist

“Why not me?”
Salma Bakir is a self-proclaimed “nerd” who has always had a passion for technology. Salma’s love of gaming from an early age translated into pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Technology from the High Institute of Informatics and Mathematics of Monastir (ISIMM) in her home country of Tunisia.


Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Sarah Dakkak, ServiceNow Developer

Sarah Dakkak loves a challenge.  

With her business administration degree Sarah had been working as a market researcher when she was assigned to a project alongside a programming team. She became fascinated by their work and saw the possibilities of a career in that field for herself. So, she made a bold, life-changing decision: she resigned from her job and set out to learn to code.  


Breaking The Bias: Women at FX – Julie Arcand, Principal Director – Cloud Service Delivery

Julie Arcand has never let anyone define her by her gender.
“I don’t believe that being a woman should limit what anyone can or can’t do in their career,” says Julie, FX Innovation’s Principal Director of Cloud Service Delivery. “I try to bring this vision to the women around me: that nothing can stop us.”


Breaking the bias around women in technology on International Women’s Day

Break the Bias. That’s the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8, and it’s also what we strive for each and every day at FX Innovation. The goal is to raise awareness and support for building a diverse, inclusive world free of stereotypes, where each person’s unique contributions and experiences are recognized.