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Planning Your Return-to-Work Strategy

As companies decide how and when to return to some sort of physical workspace, they must be careful to understand the new workforce, and how this will factor in as they build their new workplace. With safety as a top priority, ServiceNow® Workplace Service Delivery can digitize using workflows that rely on self-service, mobile-friendly, central processes, and real-time visibility.


Azure Landing Zone Overview

Hear from FX Azure Architect, Abdul Kazi as he breaks down the Azure landing zone, which is a subset of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. A landing zone works to help customers set up their Azure environment for scale, security, governance, networking, and identity.



Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Overview

FX Innovation’s Azure Architect, Abdul Kazi provides an overview of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, also referred as CAF, is a collection of documentation, technical guidance, best practices, and tools that provide guidance for cloud adoption.


FX Whitepaper – Cloud Computing: From Hype to Results

Canadian industries must catch up with the rest of the world in the adoption of cloud computing and the shortage of talent in the cloud industry is one of the biggest challenges facing the reshaping of companies into the technologies of the future.