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CloudCampus: Bridging the skills gap to accelerate digital transformation

We build enterprise cloud capacity through advanced IT training and professional development programs tailored to industry needs.


Canada is facing a severe shortage of cloud computing experts – and it’s threatening to derail the digital transformation plans of companies across the country.

That’s why FX Innovation created CloudCampus.

CloudCampus is a first-of-its-kind initiative that brings together partners in the educational, technology and business sectors to develop and deliver cloud training tailored to the needs of employers.

The Result?

Expert IT professionals with the technical and managerial skills needed to support digital transformation projects that can drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.

CloudCampus accelerates digital transformation by giving students and professionals the opportunity to upgrade, retrain or further develop their skills.


Skills upgrading for IT professionals
Need your in-house IT teams to have the latest cloud computing know-how but you’re struggling to recruit talent? CloudCampus may be the answer.

We work with a tailored ecosystem to design customized structured and on-the-job training and mentoring programs. This helps employers to address skills gaps without the need for new hires, and it supports career development and job satisfaction for experienced IT workers looking to keep up with the latest cloud computing advances.


Skills improvement for students and recent graduates
Technology moves so quickly that many students graduate from college or university without the real-world digital skills they need for the modern workplace. We collaborate with post-secondary schools to develop and deliver cloud courses and internships to fill that gap.

Our diploma programs focus on real-world topics such as how to design scalable cloud data centre architecture, deploy and manage virtualized infrastructure, optimize resource allocation, automate service provisioning, migrate applications to cloud computing, and connect private and public clouds into an enterprise hybrid model.


Retraining for experienced workers looking to change professions
CloudCampus offers a stream of learning for people who are not currently working in IT but wish to enter the profession with the cloud computing skills that employers are seeking.

The program is adapted to the reality of full-time working professionals. And, as with all CloudCampus streams, we insist on high evaluation standards so participants graduate with advanced skills and the certifications and credits to prove it.

Cloud Campus In Action

Addressing the IT skills shortage

University of Ottawa

FX Innovation is partnering with the University of Ottawa to deliver a CloudCampus Cloud Expert training program designed to develop and requalify tech talent.

We work together to provide IT professionals with the cloud computing knowledge and expertise they need to grow in their careers and play a key role in their organization’s digital transformation journey.

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