Azure Cloud with FX Innovation

Our Partnership With Microsoft

FX has everything you need to become your trusted end-to-end Azure Cloud partner.

FX Innovation ranks among the world’s best Microsoft services providers. Our latest certification as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) – Microsoft’s highest, awarded in 2019 – recognizes the expertise of all our policies, procedures and resources, and attests to our multi-level mastery of all Azure features and technologies. 

This level of expertise consistently ensures our clients cost-efficiently receive maximum benefits at every stage of their cloud journey lifecycle, topped off with the peace of mind of superior-level coaching and mentorship needed to help them optimize the business advantages our services to their fullest potential. With FX Innovation as an Azure Expert MSP, this industry-coveted designation means we have demonstrated real-world proficiency in both datacenter lift-and-shift and new, born-in-cloud applications, as well as in everything in between (i.e. readiness assessment, roadmap, cloud migration, operation and optimization). 

Partner with FX Innovation

What Makes FX Different?

To remain up to date with Azure’s fast growth and to retain this prestigious certification, we must carry out audits each year. We need to prove we’re consistently maintaining our cloud expertise across the full life-cycle cloud journey to offer you complete peace of mind when it comes to your migration success.

Being an Azure Expert MSP allows FX Innovation to offer its clients exclusive access to funding programs as well as to the best Azure MSP expertise, so that clients like you can maximize their cloud investment to their fullest potential while reducing their assessment and migration costs.

FX Core Offerings

PlanAzure Assessment

Are you ready to begin your journey to Azure?  Let FX guide you! Leverage the cloud adoption framework to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and a successful plan forward. 


ImplementAzure Landing Zone and Migration Program

Let our experts guide you on your path to Azure, starting with a landing zone, all the way through to the migration of workloads as we modernize and optimize your infrastructure.

ManageCost Optimization and Managed Services

Let us help you realize the cloud ROI you expect. 

Our team of certified and dedicated Azure experts review and manage your cloud environment to provide actionable recommendations and cost savings strategies for your organization. 


At FX we are focused on partnering with your organization to maximize benefit realization in your Azure environment.

Actionable step-by-step roadmap & migration plan including a real-world cost analysis based on long-term insights & strategic perspective. 
Worry-free migration based on proven methodologies and expertise with guaranteed results based on industry best practices. 
Enjoy long-term peace of mind through FX’s 24/7 365-day Operations Center, designed and operated by a certified management system developed by cloud industry leaders. 


  • FX has the unparalleled experience to quickly and securely build or remediate your Azure environment in accordance with compliance and governance best practices.
  • Focus more efficiently on your core business needs by freeing up the time required to oversee the basics.
  • With thousands of successful migrations under our belt, we know the do’s and don’ts so that you benefit from our experience.
  • Reap the benefits of working with Canada’s leading Azure Expert MSP team.