Par Marc-André Lacombe, Directeur Centres d’expertise FX Innovation / Director Center of Expertise


At FX, our corporate values are driving our human and performance centric culture. In turn, our client squads abide by our Squad Values.


#1 Customer value

An obsession with delivering value to customers as the be-all and end-all of the organization. It is the squads responsibility to ensure a continuous flow of business value towards its client.


#2 Team players, no heroes

We foster collaboration and cooperation, knowledge sharing is a must, “bus factors” should be nonexistent. One squad, one team acting as one unit with a common purpose.


#3 Ownership – you build it, you run it

No more silos, multi-functional teams operate what they build. The squad owns to totality of the services rendered, accountability is not an option.


#4 Be lazy – proactive vs reactive

Thrive to “improve all the things”. Continuous effort to identify optimization opportunities is common practice and is rewarded. Decrease the human factor to a minimum for mondain, recurrent or low value tasks.


#5 It’s ok to fail

Not speaking nor acting is the first step to failure. The squads are trusted to take the proper actions and make the right decision when faced with problematic situations. Failure is a step back, not the end.


#6 Enjoy what you do!

And never forget to celebrate successes.


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