The Strength of Our Partner Ecosystem

At FX innovation, we have always believed in and relied on the strength of our ecosystem to stay ahead of our industry and to always better meet our clients’ needs. Our ecosystem is based on our exceptional relationships with our clients, partners and employees. Below is an introduction to our technological partners with whom we have chosen to build our future. For years, our close ties have enabled us to forge tailor-made solutions for our clients’ current and future digital transformation needs. Our leading-edge expertise in technology and the satisfaction of our clients during the deployment and management of solutions have been recognized by these great players through numerous certifications and accreditations.

Microsoft Azure

Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Gold Partner

FX Innovation ranks among the world’s best Microsoft services providers. Our latest certification as an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) – Microsoft’s highest, awarded in 2019 – recognizes the expertise of all our policies, procedures and resources, and attests to our multi-level mastery of all Azure features and technologies.

This level of expertise consistently ensures our clients cost-efficiently receive maximum benefits at every stage of their cloud journey lifecycle, topped off with the peace of mind of superior-level coaching and mentorship needed to help them optimize the business advantages our services to their fullest potential.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Within its most recent Advanced AWS Partner’s certification, FX Innovation boasts 24 AWS accreditations and 9 AWS certifications, ultimately taking its level of AWS credentials to industry-leading heights.

With a long-standing relationship with AWS that dates back to 2008, FX Innovation has acquired extensive expertise in the AWS Cloud platform – from EC and the various AWS Managed Services, to ECS and Lambda – spanning the planning, design, migration, and building phases to full operationalization.

That means our clients not only get a highly experienced and specialized team dedicated to delivering stellar AWS migration and workload management services, but also benefit from the full extensive set of AWS Cloud services coupled with our in-depth knowledge during their cloud adoption journey.


Premier ServiceNow Partner

ServiceNow recognizes our ultimate commitment to becoming a leading service provider in Canada by making us a Premier Partner.

Our relationship with ServiceNow dates back to 2012, when we had to choose a platform to manage our own IT services and naturally opted for the #1 global ITSM leader. Through our exceptional customer experience, our corporate culture fit and world-leading position in hpaPaaS, ServiceNow has become our platform of choice to meet the growing needs of our clients for accelerated development and business process automation.

With a dedicated team of +60 ServiceNow specialists to accompany our clients in the planning, design, deployment and management of their platforms, FX Innovation works in close collaboration with ServiceNow to maximize the solution’s full potential.

servicenow Premier Partner


HashiCorp System Integrator Bronze 

FX Innovation has been a long-time user of HashiCorp products: Starting with Vagrant a few years ago, we introduced many of their tools in our tool chain; being a multi-cloud services provider, we adopted Terraform as our platform of choice for creating Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Over the years, we have developed extensive expertise in Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Vault and Consul and our goal is to help our clients optimize the use of these powerful tools to reap all the benefits of adopting an Infrastructure as Code approach.


Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), the largest investment fund in Canada managing over $326.7 billion in investments in more than 60 countries around the world, chose to support FX innovation’s expansion plans for Canada, the United States and Europe in March 2018. From the onset of our collaboration with the CDPQ, we forged a strong relationship that allowed us to both benefit from each other’s resources and networks long term, with the aim of positioning FX Innovation as a crucial player in these three markets.

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