Planning Your Return-to-Work Strategy

Planning Your Return-to-Work Strategy

With some Canadian businesses heading back to the office this fall, many employers have been looking for a way to ensure a safe and efficient return to the physical workplace.  Of course, so much has changed in the way we work that organizations must be mindful of a multitude of considerations for how they approach and implement an employee-centered “return to work” strategy.   

There is a lot to consider, first off what is the awareness of your workforce? 

  • Are employees ready to return?  And if so, full or part time? 
  • Do employees know the return policies and procedures, and can you communicate safety measures easily and effectively?  

How much flexibility and control do employees have? 

  • Can employees manage a workspace or room? 
  • How will you manage on-site visitors? 
  • How are you allocating and optimizing space? 

How will you ensure employee safety? 

  • Are you tracking health statuses? 
  • Will you manage testing and vaccinations? 
  • What is the response for the possible outbreak? 


The ServiceNow® Workplace Service Delivery helps businesses engage with employees to inform and listen to feedback, to provide a safe, employee-ready working environment as you increase workplace efficiency and flexibility.  

Need to gather employee feedback about their hybrid work preferences and workspace needs? 

Looking to digitize processes for returning including self-service shift selection, desk and room reservations, catering etc.? 

Or maybe you would like to optimize floor space, meeting room usage, and real estate costs based on utilization trends? 

A Scalable Solution for your Work Environment 

ServiceNow provides workplace teams with the solutions they need to safely return employees to physical workplaces, design and manage spaces for usability, and deliver a flexible working environment. On-demand socially distanced floor maps, workspace and hoteling reservations, visitor invitations and health screenings ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe return to any workplace. 

As companies decide how and when to return to some sort of physical workspace, they must be careful to understand the new workforce, and how this will factor in as they build their new workplace.  With safety as a top priority, ServiceNow® Workplace Service Delivery can digitize using workflows that rely on self-service, mobile-friendly, central processes, and real-time visibility.   

Build a return-to-work strategy that bridges the gap among Workplace Services, HR, IT and other departments – reach out to FX today and see how we can help your “return to work” this fall! 


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