FX Innovation Helms Real Estate Industry Leader’s Transformation Toward Cloud Adoption

Industry: Real estate

Key numbers

cloud services
Azure Storages (Table and Blob)

The challenge

This company supports the growth of Quebec’s real estate market by designing and integrating a vast array of technology solutions and tools tailored to the various needs of real estate professionals, brokerage firms and associations in the province through its 24/7-accessible real estate transaction management system, which generates close to $28 billion in sales annually and presents the largest number of homes for sale in the province. The company also handles more than 6,000 calls per month through its Help Desk, ultimately meeting its clients’ needs year-round.

 In preparation for tits transformation toward cloud adoption, the company needed to ensure the effective implementation and integration of new Azure cloud technologies, and needed to do so while maintaining a high level of production though higher control criteria.

The outcome

  • Faster go to production of new features (reduced from 2 days to 2 hours)
  • Reduction of on-premises infrastructure and evergreening costs: 50% of on-premises to cloud, the remaining 50% in the next 15 months
  • Enhanced SLAs by eliminating reliability on physical infrastructure
  • Improved active monitoring (i.e. of business processes and performance vs infrastructure)

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