FX Innovation Helps Telecom Market Leader Achieve Record TTM Through DevSecOps

Industry: Telecommunications

Key numbers

customer key resources
levels impacted (process, tools and personnel)
comprehensive report with roadmap
FX Innovation team specialists

The challenge

This telecom market leader is active in the areas of interactive multimedia development, cable television, video on demand, wireless communication, cable television and Internet access services. To help maintain its competitive position in the marketplace, the company needed to achieve faster time to market (TTM). The company mandated FX Innovation to analyze its development process, recommend tools to accelerate its DevSecOps, establish performance measurement indicators, provide talent retention options, and ultimately propose a roadmap to serverless architecture and state-of-the-art microservices.

The outcome

  • Record TTM Time to Market Faster and more agile
  • Successful shift toward DevSecOps mindset
  • Optimal cost control
  • Experimentation and innovation, without putting the organization at risk
  • Decreased work to align the delivery teams
  • New app architecture vision

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