What Are Companies Looking to Gain from a Multi-Cloud Environment?

What Are Companies Looking to Gain from a Multi-Cloud Environment?

What Are Companies Looking to Gain from a Multi-Cloud Environment?

In a report we published earlier this year, we surveyed 100 technology leaders who operate or plan to operate in a multi-cloud environment to find out what is the driving force behind these migrations.  Through this survey we not only discovered the motivations of IT leaders for operating in a multi-cloud environment, but we also identified some of the challenges they are facing with managing such environments as well as the benefits they are seeing from this setup.

Upon reviewing this survey’s findings, we set out at FX Innovation to discover more details about the ever-changing challenges of IT leaders and the value we can bring to them as a strategic IT partner and digital facilitator. Through interviewing some of the top IT leaders in Canada, we were able to obtain even deeper insights into areas of opportunity to help them thrive in their roles.

Here’s what we found:


Positioning IT as a business enabler

Showing how IT is providing value to the business is imperative for these tech leaders.  CIOs are looking to map technology dependencies into processes that support the business value chain. IT leaders must choose metrics and KPIs that reflect the business strategy and have service providers speak to these outcomes, all while ensuring the broader business context is represented when deploying solutions.


Create and foster fluid communication and common language between IT and the business

Again, the need to translate technical requirements into business language to facilitate successful transformations is key.  Operational metrics while important in IT don’t address the business value chain in a meaningful way. With companies looking to grow and digitize efficiently, IT must have strong communication across business units to deliver innovations needed to accelerate growth.


Partnerships with service providers need to evolve to be more strategic and collaborative

IT leaders are looking to move away from traditional transactional agreements with vendors and want to utilize these partners for more than just outsourcing tasks. They would like service providers to partner with them and enable their digital transformation journeys long-term. They also must consider changing models, such as DevOps, and how service providers integrate into a more integrated and agile delivery model.


Internal talent sourcing and retainment is more difficult than ever

The talent shortage in technology is no secret, and as highlighted in our recent whitepaper, the shortage of talent in the cloud industry is one of the biggest challenges facing the reshaping of companies into the technologies of the future. This shortage, coupled with IT leaders changing roles and connection to business value, are allowing more of them to let go of certain operational activities to concentrate internal talent on core business and competitiveness.  Of course, a trusting relationship with their partnering service providers is essential and allows modern IT departments to save on time, cost, and complexity to focus on value-added business driven activities.


About Our Clients

FX Innovation customers are leading organizations across diverse industries including Financial Services, Transportation & Energy and Technology seeking to digitally transform, help IT become a true business partner and innovate for competitive differentiation. Whether just starting to transform their technology environments and better manage company-wide workflows or seeking to overcome challenges on their digital journey, our customers want to be more resilient, agile and secure in today’s rapidly changing business environment and they seek a trusted partner with whom to manage their complex transformations.

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