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Flexibility is key. Choose where you work best, whether it's remote or from one of our offices near you. Welcome to FX Innovation, where we believe that our success lies in our people. We trust our employees to deliver their best work, no matter where they are. In a digital world, we foster a culture where our people feel connected and close. We strive to create a collaborative and supportive environment that values each and every individual. Join our team and work where you thrive.









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Our Values

We drive our shared mission forward by supporting and uplifting each other. Together, we enable innovation for our clients and make a positive impact on the world. Our values are the foundation of our success. They are non-negotiable. We expect everyone at FX to uphold, embrace, and embody them at all times.

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A team where everyone belongs

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Specialist, Monitoring & Security

Being cautious is natural for a security professional. This curious individual loves to learn new things to stay ahead of the game! He is a detail-oriented, meticulous, and has an eagle eye that spots details other would miss. His calm and patient nature helps him at work but also with his three little ones. Beside the children's activities, playing soccer and gardening, being outdoors reminds him of Lebanon from his childhood.

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Better support


Director, Talent Developmenent & Pedagogical Ecosystem

Passionate about personal and professional development and finds fulfillment in seeing her colleagues thrive. With a beaming smile and infectious energy, she is a devoted mother who loves to escape to her native island of Guadeloupe for a rejuvenating break. Céline’s unique blend of creativity and athleticism shines through whether she's whipping up a batch of cakes or shooting hoops on the basketball court. On weekends, you'll find her cheering on her children at basketball games or tuning in to watch the latest NBA matchup.

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Platform Architect, Business Enablement Office

Charles is an old soul - calm, reflective, and always in a good mood. He is a builder, whether it’s as the first employee of one of our units several years ago, or with our recent Strato platform. He enjoys working with his hands and has made his own wine cellar and restored vintage cars, demonstrating his innate curiosity and ingenuity when faced with new challenges. His patience is a valuable asset, which helps him at work, but also with his three beautiful young children!

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Directeur, développement ServiceNow

With a heart as big as his stature, Shawn is a true colossus of compassion. He has a strong team mentality and is always seeking to improve himself and make things better for his clients and teammates. Shawn maintains a balance between his body and mind through discipline. On weekends, you'll find him at the gym, spending time with his family, or exploring new hobbies. He is also a bit of a brainiac who loves documentaries and audiobooks on various subjects, which intellectually and spiritually nourish him.

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CEO & Co-Founder

An authentic leader who instills his human values to everyone he encounters. Guillaume has been guiding us for years towards a common vision that unites us. He is also an avid learner, passionate, and has a phenomenal memory. Whether you talk to him about digital transformation or ask for food and wine pairing suggestions, he'll have answers to your questions. In his spare time, he’s a guitarist and very active. You can also find him on the slopes snowboarding, biking in the mountains, or playing tennis on weekends.

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Business Process Consultant, ServiceNow

Safae is of Moroccan origin, a country with magnificent landscapes. She is adventurous and can adapt easily to any context. Her agility and creativity serve as a secret weapon in bridging the gap between business needs and development/production teams. As a nature lover, she has already completed several Canadian hikes, and the freedom of remote work allows her to dream of her next destination!

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Specialist, Talent Acquisition

Bubbling with energy and overflowing with enthusiasm, Joëlle loves challenges and takes pleasure insupporting her consultants in their career paths. When she's not finding the perfect fit for our clients, you can find her spending time with friends, hiking with her beautiful dogs, renovating her home, or creating magnificent paintings on canvas.

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Juan Carlos

Cloud Technical Leader, Managed Services

Coming straight from Cuba to Quebec's winter, Juan landed at FX and has stayed ever since, despite being highly sought after by other firms (thanks, Juan😊). At FX, Juan quickly evolved and played various roles that greatly impacted our teams and clients. His colleagues named him Inspiring Employee of the Year in 2022, and everyone agrees that Juan is an exceptional human being. In his spare time, Juan is a DJ and we all hope to one day be invited to his legendary salsa parties!

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Vice-Présidente, Développement de produits et Ingénierie , Marketing

Mel thrives on complex challenges and the opportunity to innovate. She is well served here! We think it is likely due to her easy-going personality, which doesn't get caught up in the details and is always in a good mood... or perhaps it's also due to her practice of yoga, mountain biking, skiing with her family. Her Sino-Mauritian origins also give her a cool Mel vibe.

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Senior director, Business Enablement Office

Wisdom, kindness, thoughtfulness, and innovation are all words that perfectly describe her. Strong in her Iranian origins, she is now the perfect blend of Quebec culture and her own. Passionate about neuroscience, she is a scientific communicator with a critical mind who is not afraid to take a stand on causes that are dear to her through incredibly inspiring texts. Follow her on LinkedIn and you will see for yourself.

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Team Player


ServiceNow Architect

Phil is the ultimate team player, whether he’s working with old-timers or newbies. Don't let his baby face fool you, he has a wealth of experience. Phil is a calm and agile force to be reckoned with. As an architect and globe-trotter, he blazes new trails in both his work assignments and his travels. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, and you may have bumped into him at an esports event.

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Analyst, Quality insurance

A meticulous QA who's definitely on top of her game. Her smile and cheerful personality are contagious, and you can't help but fall under her spell. . She won our Halloween 2022 contest with a costume inspired by her character in the game Final Fantasy XIV Online. This gamer has a taste for the fantastic and Asian culture, as evident from her fiery red highlights in her hair and accessories. Red is her favorite color, and it suits her perfectly!

Our Commitment to Learning & Development

We believe in lifelong learning. At FX Innovation, investing in our people is not just a business strategy, it's a way of life. Our people are our greatest assets, and we commit to their growth and development. By providing our employees with the best-in-class tools and resources they need to succeed, we help them unlock their full potential

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