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Businesses in all industries are facing uncertainty and rapidly changing competitive landscapes, requiring new levels of innovation and accelerating transformation through digital technologies.

Leveraging technology to fuel innovation is highly complex and the technologies evolve rapidly, requiring CIOs to seek expert help to showcase how technology can drive business outcomes.

We support you in shaping your vision, build your case for change and strategic roadmap, and define your technology adoption plans.

IT Strategy


  • Explore and confirm the business drivers that are leading your IT transformation.  
  • Define and document clear guiding principles tailored to your organization’s vision.​ 
  • Identify target objectives and results to achieve throughout your digital transformation journey.​ 
  • Build a detailed roadmap of initiatives and business case to support the change.


  • Current-state assessment, covering the complete picture of business and technological context, performance measures, IT organization current projects and strategic projects​.
  • Gap analysis, including target architecture, strategic project reviews, and target organizational and operational models​.
  • IT Strategic plan, including target IT budget, CAPEX/OPEX split, detailed project roadmap, resource planning, risks and recommendations​.
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Cloud Strategy


  • Confirm the business drivers that are leading your cloud transformation.  
  • Define and document clear guiding principles tailored to your organization’s vision.​ 
  • Identify target objectives and results to achieve throughout your cloud journey.​ 
  • Extract infrastructure, security, application, and data requirements to select optimal cloud provider(s). 
  • Build an actionable Cloud Adoption plan to get started on your transformation.


  • Current-state assessment and gap analysis, covering the complete picture of business, capabilities, technology and governance​ landscape 
  • Cloud Provider recommendations​ 
  • Cloud Governance recommendations (Centre of Excellence, Skills and Training)​ 
  • High-level migration strategy​ for workload categories 
  • Cloud Transformation Roadmap, including target budget, project sequence, resources planning, risk and recommendations​ 
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Cloud Migration Assessment and Strategy


  • Collect and analyze environment data using specialized cloud discovery tools.
  • Evaluate application migration strategy based on the 7 Rs (retire, retain, rehost, replatform, revise, rebuild, replace).
  • Conduct thorough cost evaluation of migration, consumption (recurring), and operations of your cloud environment. 
  • Develop a detailed roadmap for execution of a migration wave plan. 


  • Migration readiness assessment
  • Migration strategy for each workload 
  • Migration roadmap, including wave planning, timeline, and budget 
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Multi Cloud Certified Ecosystem

ServiceNow Health Check


  • An automated scanning system that will provide a full assessment of your instance health vs best practices with the goal of helping to understand and improve the instance health. 


  • Assessment of instance health vs best practices 
  • Action plan with detailed activities and outputs 
  • Prioritization of action items to address critical items first 
  • Trending health over time 
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ServiceNow Strategy Roadmap


  • A roadmap that will help to connect vision and strategy to enterprise service management implementation.  


  • Summary of market trends and new SN features 
  • Consolidation of business needs and priorities 
  • Roadmap of recommendations including timeline and effort 
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