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Ultra-fast cloud deployment and reduced management costs thanks to massive migration solution

A massive migration solution allows a multinational company to benefit from an ultra-fast deployment of its cloud environment and reduce its management costs

Cloud services/Migration execution strategy to the AWS environment and operationalization of the applications
The Company Needed A More Efficient And Effective Way To Manage Disparate Data

Today's manufacturing industry faces many challenges including offshoring, sourcing, significant labor shortages and the emergence of lower-priced foreign competitors. More than ever, manufacturers must learn to do more with less. The company is always seeking ways to be more innovative and competitive and meet the needs of its customers.

Digital transformation provides a path for manufacturing companies to modernize their business model, production, operations and sales optimization.

The company operates 80 manufacturing facilities across North America, presenting a challenge for managing data, which were disparate and unconnected. It knew that moving to a cloud-based digital environment would allow it to access large-scale data management across its plants, which in turn would make it better able to connect, understand, analyze and store activities in real time. The ultimate business goal was to increase its ability to create products that meet customers' needs while also maximizing revenue, remaining innovative, and supporting its vision of a sustainable world for people and the planet.

As part of its cloud adoption journey, the company was looking for a partner to help it evolve in its ongoing digital transformation.

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FX Innovation provided:
  • Development of a mass migration solution using Cloud Endure Migration Factory, an AWS orchestration platform. Combined with the Rehost (Lift & Shift) approach which considerably simplifies and accelerates the migration process, this solution enabled the company to migrate more than 300 servers containing 200 applications in a few clicks and in an extremely short time.
  • Industrialization and standardization of the migration process.
  • Guidance in the migration strategy and implementation of the migration operationalization, and support for additional migration waves.
  • Development of an application knowledge base to accelerate the migration execution.

We value our partnership with FX Innovation. They were able to execute on our digital transformation project on time and within budget, and they delivered agile project management and governance throughout the initiative.

Digital Transformation Reduces Costs, Boosts Agility So the Company Can Focus On Its Mission

The company’s digital transformation allows its employees, machines and products to be fully synchronized across its 80 facilities North America-wide. It can now integrate real-time data between its previously compartmentalized IT and operational systems for a full view across the business. This means it can now leverage data-driven decision support, predictive market analysis and intelligent manufacturing process automation, facilitating its ability to innovate, contain costs, and achieve productivity and capacity gains.

Another advantage for the company in this digital transformation has been the move from the capital expenditure model of a physical data center to an operating expenditure model, allowing for greater agility and reduced management costs.

The new cloud-based digital platform delivers simplicity, speed and reliability. This, in turn, enables the company to get products to market faster, optimize and automate business processes, and  to respond to business and market needs with more agility. The platform enables IT to focus on the company’s core values of contributing to the well-being of people, communities and the planet.

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