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Our client is an international university that offers over 300 programs of study and has four campuses in the metropolitan area.

Our client is an international university that offers over 300 programs of study and has four campuses in the metropolitan area.

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Implementation of a Azure B2C environment

External users who consume applications linked to the university face a number of challenges. They are not identified as university customers, and lifecycle management of these users is complex due to their ephemeral nature. Most of the targeted workloads are hosted at AWS, but a large proportion remain on prem.

The university therefore wanted to implement an Azure B2C tenant to enable connection via authorized sources such as social networks (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook) and collect information about users so that they could be directed to a "customer" user status. Having limited experience with Azure B2C, the university called on FX Innovation to set up a B2C environment.

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This project involved the implementation of a B2C environment. The work was carried out in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: Analysis and definition of the Azure cloud foundation
    • FX Innovation delivered workshops on governance, technological environment and operations.
  • Phase 2: Azure landing zone
    • Included on-site workshops (landing zone structure, connectivity and network, compliance and operational excellence). FX Innovation then implemented the Azure landing zone, including account structure, network and connectivity, IAM, as well as security and compliance.
  • Phase 3: B2C design
    • Focused primarily on B2C design; it involved selecting and analyzing the selected application candidate, and then defining a technology target for the application candidate. During phase 3, FX Innovation designed the B2C solution architecture, which involved defining the technological architecture for the Azure B2C cloud infrastructure.
  • Phase 4: Realization and implementation of the B2C tenant.
    • Consisted in building and implementing the B2C tenant. FX Innovation then undertook the configuration and creation of cloud prerequisites, creation and configuration of user flows, configuration of authorized identity providers, definition and configuration of user attributes, integration with the application candidate, implementation of security measures, and then concluded the initiative with testing and validation of the solution.
Win Insights
  • Highly collaborative delivery strategy throughout the project
  • Solution delivered as MVP (Minimum Viable Product), bringing immediate value to the university
  • Shared delivery responsibilities (FX Innovation is responsible for the Azure cloud infrastructure, while the university is responsible for the application side)
  • Reinforcement of best practices

After a thorough evaluation of the customer's Azure cloud foundations, FX Innovation delivered an assessment report identifying opportunities and challenges. In parallel, a cloud adoption plan was developed, providing a strategic roadmap for the future. The customer also benefited from an architecture document and the Landing Zone (infrastructure as code - Bicep).  The university then received a functional technological architecture document for the application candidate, a detailed solution architecture (FX Innovation model), and an Azure resource deployment file (AID - FX Innovation model). At the end of the project, our customer benefited from a fully functional and secure B2C authentication solution for users with the chosen application candidate.

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