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A major financial institution that has revolutionized the local banking industry and has a global reach

A major financial institution boasts a modern, scalable ticketing solution thanks to ServiceNow cloud technology.

Leverage and optimize the customer’s ServiceNow technology​

The organization’s support team was managing more than 40,000 contacts per month (calls, emails, faxes, etc.) using various outdated tools requiring significant time and resources while resulting in low levels of satisfaction. tools built with outdated or unsupported technology, including thousands of support requests and queries (called tickets) in the form of databases created in Lotus Notes, which was reaching end of life and was very expensive to maintain.


FX implemented a knowledge management and ticketing solution for all four stakeholder groups (online support, HR, compliance and finance) with ServiceNow cloud technology to better serve both customers and employees while reducing costs with a self-service solution.

Leverage and optimize the customer’s ServiceNow technology

FX created an enterprise service platform called "Billetterie", empowering consumers (employees, members and customers) via self-service and helping them create requests.  This solution included:

  • Support for the migration of several thousand tickets from Lotus Notes databases to the ServiceNow platform, within a tight deadline to address system end of life challenges.
  • Established the Centre d’expertise Billetterie (CEB), a partnership model that provides visibility on the evolution and capacity needs of the ticketing platform in the short, medium and long term.
  • Transfer of expertise and knowledge on an ongoing basis for use of the ticketing solution.
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Today, there are more than 30 ‘’billetteries’’ at the financial institution, spread across 30 business units. One of the ‘’billetterie’’ handles over 2.5 million requests per year. A few thousand agents receive and process ‘’billetterie’’ requests from the entire organization – CEB products are available to all 48,000 employees. Millions of dollars are saved every year thanks to service staff focusing only on unique challenges while most are solved via self-service.

The CEB has brought great flexibility to the enterprise service platform, allowing for the addition of critical business lines (e.g., insurance, investment, mortgage products).

The firm now saves millions of dollars each year user-friendly and flexible self-service ticketing solution, as well as from the Centre d’expertise Billetterie, which offers high visibility on the capacity and evolution of the ticketing platform in the short, medium and long term.


Our proximity with FX has allowed us to propel our ticketing solution to a high level of employee and customer empowerment. We now have a simple, flexible, user-friendly and scalable customer-focused solution to provide our employees with a personalized experience as well as new communication channels.

IT Senior Director

We're supporting the institution in managing its growth:​

  • Evolve the ticketing enterprise services platform so that it can leverage ServiceNow's advanced AI capabilities.​
  • Support the evolution of the ticketing center of expertise so that it can manage requests in a structured manner and make decisions quickly under the platform's governance.​
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