Accelerating Digital Transformation

Bridging the skills gap to accelerate digital transformation

Canada is facing a severe shortage of cloud computing experts. It’s putting digital transformation at risk.  FX Innovation’s CloudCampus initiative addresses this skills gap. We accelerate innovation through:

Advanced IT training

Tailored professional development

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What is CloudCampus

Building Cloud Computing Skills

CloudCampus brings together partners in the educational, technology and business sectors to deliver cloud training tailored to the needs of employers.   CloudCampus helps you develop the technical and managerial skills that businesses need to accelerate digital transformation.

For IT professional: upskilling

Customized structured and on-the-job training and mentoring programs – used by businesses including FX Innovation to keep our teams on the leading edge of cloud computing innovation.

  • Helps employers address skills gaps  
  • Supports career development and job satisfaction for experienced IT workers looking to keep up with the latest cloud computing advances 
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For students and recent grads: right-skilling

Diploma programs focused on skills employers need – such as:

  • Scalable cloud data centre architecture design 
  • Virtualized infrastructure management 
  • Optimizing resource allocation 
  • Automated service provisioning 
  • Cloud computing migration 
  • How to connect private and public clouds into an enterprise hybrid model
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For workers looking to change professions: reskilling

Learning stream for those not currently working in IT.

  • Adapted to the reality of full-time working professionals 
  • High evaluation standards delivering advanced skills and the certifications and credits to prove it  
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University partnerships

Our growing list of university partners includes University of Ottawa and McGill University in Montreal.

We work with these academic institutions across two different pathways – Technical and Leadership – to accelerate innovation and develop cloud computing expertise.


CloudCampus in action

The unique collaborative model between the University of Ottawa and FX Innovation has fostered the creation of mutually beneficial learning opportunities for professionals and companies.

The collaboration between our two institutions serves as a catalyst to stimulate the continuous learning and career development of practicing professionals. The training programs offered are both relevant and focused on market needs, helping participants acquire up-to-date skills and adapt to rapid changes in their respective industries.

 This exemplary partnership also illustrates the importance of continuous learning for business profitability. By investing in the development of their people, organizations can count on a more competent and efficient workforce, which translates into better performance and increased competitiveness.

  In short, the alliance between the University of Ottawa and FX Innovation is a model of excellence for educational institutions and businesses, demonstrating the importance of working together to promote the success of individuals and organizations in our modern economy.

Learn more about cloud computing and the Canadian economy

Canadian industries must catch up with the rest of the world in the adoption of cloud computing, and the shortage of talent in the cloud industry is one of the biggest barriers.

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