How CloudCampus is addressing Canada’s IT talent shortage
December 3, 2023
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Have you heard about CloudCampus?

It’s our exciting Cloud Training Accelerator initiative, developed in collaboration with key players in the technology training ecosystem and leading Canadian businesses.

Our vision is to accelerate the digital transformation of Canadian businesses through effective programs that reskill, upskill, right skill and cross skill the technology workforce.

Industry Expert partnering with Delivery Partner to build the best workforce in the world

CloudCampus was born out of a need for training.

Over the past 10 years, the IT industry has faced significant workforce upgrading, reskilling, and training challenges due to the emergence of new technology-related roles and a shortage of skilled workers. Traditional training cannot meet the needs of IT companies, particularly in the pace of adjusting content, delivery format, lab environment and immediate knowledge transfer in the workplace.

CloudCampus offers an innovative solution. This initiative, which is a blended learning and workforce development program, develops training in collaboration with key players in the technology training ecosystem, education and business to create a network of talent to support the growth of the IT sector and the digital transformation of the Canadian economy.

We launched in 2021 and the results to date prove that CloudCampus is a winning formula.

  • 7 organizations have tapped into the expertise and skills being built as part of CloudCampus.
  • 150+ participants have graduated from the program
  • 100 % satisfaction and impact rate

Developing the IT skills that employers want

CloudCampus includes three major pillars:

  • Upskilling with current programs
  • Reskilling the available workforce
  • Right-skilling from pre-service training, so students have the skills employers need when they graduate
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We work together with leading universities to develop content and write course outlines that match the reality of our professionals in the field, with relevant and challenging programs that hold the attention of our talent. We offer an online, live and asynchronous learning platform with an institution-specific Learning Management System where students have access to high-quality instruction, labs and a teaching assistant who provides support and answers questions. Participants are then evaluated and assessed based on the industry’s most stringent standards.

Building cloud expertise to drive digital transformation – and Canada’s economy

The roots of CloudCampus lie in the reality that Canada must catch up with the rest of the world in terms of productivity. This means transforming companies based on the technologies of the future. Large cloud platforms can accelerate this transformation and capitalize on the latest advances in security, artificial intelligence (AI) and more. Companies looking to leverage AI, for instance, need to put in place modern, scalable technology foundations such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and ServiceNow platforms.

We need skilled professionals to be able to do this. We must develop the talent of today and tomorrow into cloud experts to support the growth of more agile, efficient and scalable organizations.

That’s why we created CloudCampus. And we invite you to join us as an employer, academic partner or participant.

Find out how you can be part of CloudCampus here.